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ESI microMerge

ESI microMerge


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Compact 4x MIDI Merger

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ESI microMerge

mikroMERGE is a convenient and small MIDI merger accessory. It features 4 MIDI inputs on one side and a single MIDI output on the other side.

mikroMERGE is merging all MIDI input signals from all four inputs to a single output. This makes it the perfect solution if you have only one MIDI input on a device (i.e. a computer or a sound module) but need to combine MIDI signals from multiple sources (i.e. a master keyboard, a hardware sequencer, a guitar-to-MIDI converter, etc.).

mikroMERGE comes with a 9V DC power supply. It also features 4 status LEDs that show signal activity for each MIDI input. The product is so simple to use, it is virtually self-explaining!


MIDI merger with 4 MIDI inputs and 1 MIDI output
4 MIDI inputs with DIN connectors, 16 input channels each
1 MIDI output with DIN connector, 16 output channels
4 status LEDs showing incoming MIDI signal activity
9V DC power supply (external power supply unit included)
compact aluminium case with around 10.5cm x 7.0cm x 2.5cm